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Announcement- New DSC, GOTG
Posted: 01/09/2023 

I sincerely hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I want to wish you all a happy 2023!

I have some exciting news to share with you. Roy Duke has stepped into the position of Deputy State Captain for the SETX region. His email is and his phone is 713-202-0917. Bob and I are very happy to welcome him to the team.

I want to remind everyone about the Gathering of the Guard for 2023. If you haven’t shared the information with your region, please do so. Here is the booking information: We are bringing back the GATHERING OF THE GUARD. It will be somewhat modified, but overall, the goal is the same- let’s gather! There is no planned meal and no auction. Everyone is free to make their own plans and arrangements. There will be a ride on the famous 3 Sisters on Saturday, if weather allows. Overall, it is a chance for us to socialize and put names to faces. The dates are April 28-30, 2023, but of course, you may come earlier or stay later. The venue is Medina Highpoint Resort, located in Medina, Texas. You can make reservations online using the link above or call them directly, but PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU STATE THAT YOU ARE WITH THE PATRIOT GUARD RIDERS. We will receive a discount on bookings and free use of the “party barn” once we reach 10 total reservations and a discount on rates will be given at 15 reservations. Discount taken at check in.

I received an email regarding social media expectations from National. Please review your policies and make sure we are all on the same page. (scroll down and you’ll see it)

As always, I thank you all for what you do each and every day in honoring our nation’s heroes and first responders.

Mylissa “L.F.” Pannell- Munguia
State Captain, Patriot Guard Riders of Texas
2023 Gathering Of The Guard
Posted: 12/13/2022 
Gathering of the Guard reincarnated is scheduled for 28-29 April 2023.  More information as it becomes available.

Patriot Guard Riders of Texas,

We are bringing back the GATHERING OF THE GUARD.  It will be somewhat modified, but overall, the goal is the same- let’s gather!    There is no planned meal and no auction.  Everyone is free to make their own plans and arrangements.   There will be a ride on the famous 3 Sisters on Saturday, if weather allows.   Overall, it is a chance for us to socialize and put names to faces.  

The dates are April 28-30, 2023, but of course, you may come earlier or stay later.  The venue is Medina Highpoint Resort, located in Medina, Texas.

You can make reservations online using the link above or call them directly, but “PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU STATE THAT YOU ARE WITH THE PATRIOT GUARD RIDERS”.  We will receive a discount on bookings at 15 reservations (to be computed at check in) and free use of the “party barn” once we reach 10 total reservations (we just have to clean up after ourselves).


April 28 & 29, departing April 30, 2023.  Following is a list of the cabin styles and their prices and the different RV site prices.  These prices are our Best Available Rates, which are non-refundable.  Payment is made at the time of booking the reservation.  The deposit is non-refundable however if someone needs to cancel, we can put that deposit into a guest account to be used toward a future stay.  The following rates would have a 10% discount off the stated prices if 15 or more sites were booked. 

Bunkhouse cabins for a 2-night stay would be $251.28, taxes & fees included. 

View cabins for a 2-night stay would be $452.76, taxes & fees included.

Hideaway cabins for a 2-night stay would be $541.06, taxes and fees included.

Getaway cabins for a 2-night stay would be 554.88, taxes and fees included.

King cabins for a 2-night stay would be 814.26, taxes and fees included.

The Ranch House/Retreat for a 2-night stay would be $1920.90, taxes and fees included.

RV sites - back in sites & head in sites for 2-nightstay would be $135.52.

RV Sites - pull thru sites for a 2-night stay would be $147.84. RV sites – deluxe plus pull thru for a 2-night stay would be $152.76. 

Thanks for all you do. Take care and Merry Christmas!

Mylissa “L.F.”  Pannell-Munguia 

State Captain, Patriot Guard Riders of Texas


Leadership Change In Southeast Texas
Posted: 12/13/2022 
Effective immediately, Steve Cox and Mike McAnulty are no longer in leadership positions in the Southeast Region. See Mylissa Pannell-Munguia or Bob Johnson for more information or if you have questions.
A Letter From The PGR Board of Directors
Posted: 09/01/2022 
Fellow Patriots:

Your PGR National President, David “Bear” Noble, has retired to the Flag Line as of 1 September 2022. Since becoming a PGR member in 2006, David has served the PGR and those whom we all desire to serve with the utmost Honor, Respect, Compassion, Dignity, and Integrity. During his tenure with the PGR David has served in countless roles and ways, leaving an indelible imprint upon endless numbers of people. The hallmark of David’s service has been one of service with humility, the mission of the PGR at the forefront of his thinking and deeds. David has culminated his service to the PGR, and our nation’s Heroes, by serving as your PGR National President for the past four years. He has set a standard we would all do well in striving to emulate.

Please consider joining us in extending David best wishes during his retirement to the Flag Line and may he always enjoy “Fair Winds and Following Seas”!

Patriot Guard Riders
National Board of Directors

A Letter From PGR Outgoing National President
Posted: 09/01/2022 
August 31, 2022

Ladies and Gentlemen of the PGR,

As my term as your National President draws to an end at midnight tonight, August 31, 2022, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to each and every one of you for your dedication to our Veterans, the honor and respect you have shown, and for your support of this wonderful Organization. I am proud to be part of an organization such as the PGR.

It has been my great honor to serve you and this Organization as your National President. I have nothing but respect and admiration for the National Board of Directors, the Regional Ride Captains, the State Captains, the General Membership, and how you have all performed over the years. I have had the opportunity to talk with hundreds of you over the last 4 years. We have had our ups and downs, but they have mostly been ups. For that, I am grateful.

We have watched as this Organization has grown and flourished to become what it is today. With that in mind, we must not let this great Organization slip away. Most of our members are getting older and cannot perform all the functions that are required of us. We must endeavor to bring more of the younger generation into membership.

Tomorrow, when I awaken as a member of General Membership, I know that the Patriot Guard Riders will be in great hands from the National Board of Directors down to the newest member. Each of you should be proud of your accomplishments. You are the backbone of this Great Organization! I wish you all the best in your future endeavors, safe travels, great health, and continued growth. I hope to see you someday in the Flag line.

With Respect,
David ‘Bear’ Noble
National President
Patriot Guard Riders

WEB Site Updates
Posted: 08/28/2022 
Ladies and Gentlemen,

We received no communication from the past Texas State Captain from October 1, 2020, until last week (08/28/2022) when we were contacted by the current State Captain.  She provided updates to the Texas leadership information and those updates were made within 12 hours.  She also agreed to review the information on this WEB site to make sure it is still current.

The PGR of Texas State WEB Site (TXPGR.ORG) has been provided at no cost to the PGR since 2010 by a PGR member since 2007, but the information contained herein MUST be provided by the State Captain or National Leadership.  We strongly believe that the only thing worse than having no published information is having incorrect or out of date information published.  Therefore, if you see something in these categories published here, please contact the Texas State Captain and ask that it be corrected or updated.

It has been an honor to serve in the PGR with all you other Patriots!

Texas State Leadership Change - State Captain Stepping Down
Posted: 09/02/2020 

I will be stepping down as Texas State Captain effective October 1,2020. The current Asst Texas State Captain, Tim Kenslow, will be stepping up as the new Texas State Captain. As announced previously, Mylissa Pannell-Munguia will continue as the Texas Asst State Captain. It has been a pleasure and very rewarding to serve as the State Captain for Texas but it is time for me to pass this responsibility to new blood.

Tim's contact information:
home: 903-915-4711
cell: 713-303-5437

Steve Conger
Texas State Captain
Patriot Guard Riders
Tyler, TX. USA
Additional State Captain Named
Posted: 04/23/2020 
Tim and I are happy to announce an addition to our Texas leadership team. Melissa Pannell-Munguia will become our second Assistant State Captain.

Melissa has been doing a great job supporting our San Antonio Region. Please congratulate Melissa on her new position.

Steve Conger
Texas State Captain
Patriot Guard Riders
Tyler, TX. USA
2020 Texas Gathering Of The Guard - Canceled
Posted: 03/19/2020 

Due to the continued increased risk and per the Governor’s Executive Order stating that there will be no gatherings of more than ten (10) people, we will cancel the GOTG for 2020.

The status of Missions will be determined by your Region's DSC.

Steve Conger
Texas State Captain
Patriot Guard Riders
Tyler, TX. USA
2020 Texas Gathering Of The Guard
Posted: 01/30/2020 
FYI - Here is the link to the web page and registration for GOTG. Will be going out shortly to DSCs to distribute to their members.

Subject: Texas Gathering of the Guard 2020 web link

Here is the link again. I checked it on my iPhone and there was no issue with the lines screwing up again. I checked on my iPhone too to make sure.



2020 Texas Gathering Of The Guard
Posted: 11/26/2019 
CenTex PGR will be hosting 2020's Gathering of the Guard at Big Chief RV & Cabin Resort April 3-5. The Resort blocked off ten RV spots for us, and are willing to block more off as needed.

The spot numbers are #37 - #44 and #58 - #59 for PGR. They are giving us a flat rally rate of $35 per night for the rv sites. No cabins have been block, so you will need to call and reserve as soon as possible because we only have 10 cabins and they go quick.

The cabin prices for the 1 Bedroom include 1 vehicle or 2 motorcycles. The price for the 2 Bedroom covers 2 vehicles or 4 motorcycles. For folks who are planning on daytripping, there will be a $5.00 per person to use the facilities on the property.

For more information about the property, feel free to contact to ask or make reservations. Please let them know that you are part of the PGR; they will give us a discount on the clubhouse we us if we reserve enough cabins and RV slots.

Big Chief RV & Cabin Resort
1420 FM 690
Burnet, TX 78611
Phone: (512) 793-4746
Fax: (512) 793-4585

Steve Conger
Texas State Captain
Patriot Guard Riders
Tyler, TX. USA
Texas Regional County Responsibility Update
Posted: 07/22/2019 

As the result of the request noted below, the following county realignments will be implemented on August 01, 2019. A note has been placed on the map in red, but it may take some time to redraw the lines on the map - it will be updated as soon as possible.

1. Edwards, Real, Kerr, Kendall, and Val Verde Counties have been moved to the San Antonio Region.

2. Fayette County and Burnet County have been moved to the Austin Region.

Texas Regional County Responsibility
Posted: 07/20/2019 


I have been requested to review the regional lines to insure that the region's county responsibilities are where they should be. Any changes requested will require both effected regions approval. The official region responsibility map can be found on the State's Web Page Please advise if have any requested changes for review.

Thanks --
Steve Conger
Texas State Captain
Patriot Guard Riders
Tyler, TX. USA

PGR Merchandise
Posted: 07/02/2019 

All - From National

All production of PGR Merchandise must stop.

This includes windshield clings, banners, patches, shirts, coins etc. that has "Patriot Guard Riders" or the PGR triangle on it. 

All PGR Merchandise must be purchased through the National store. 

The National Store will quote any item required.

The last 3 items that I had National quote on was cheaper than the local supplier so cost should not be an issue.

PGR of Texas Executive Board Changes
Posted: 04/05/2019 

All - FYI

John Watts has decided to step down as the Sec/Treasurer for the PGR of Texas, but will remain on the Executive Board as a Member at Large and will be the back-up for the new Sec/Treasurer. I want to thank John for his many years of service as our Sec/Treasurer.

Tom Hardin has been elected to the Executive Board and will be replacing John as our new Sec/Treasurer. Mark Gravit was also elected to the Executive Board last year. I want to welcome both Tom and Mark for stepping up to serve.

PGR of Texas Executive Board:
Steve Conger - President
Tim Kenslow - Vice President
Tom Hardin - Sec /Treasure
John Watts - Member-at-Large
Mark Gravit - Member-at-Large

Steve Conger
Texas State Captain
Patriot Guard Riders
Tyler, TX. USA
Reminder - 2019 Gathering of the Guard, April 5-7, 2019
Posted: 11/08/2018 



Riders, The Austin PGR region is hosting next year's Gathering of the Guard. It will take place at the Heart of Texas Resort near Ink's Lake. They have toured this location (and some others), and it looks like it will work out well. The accommodations are spacious and in good repair, and it's right in the heart of some great Central Texas riding country. Plenty to do and explore in the area as well.

Friday, April 5 to Sunday, April 7.

There are cabins, condos, and RV sites. Call 512-756-7766, Ruth Ann or Kenny.

Heart of Texas Resort

Join riders from across the state for a fun weekend.

Steve Conger
Texas State Captain
Patriot Guard Riders
Tyler, TX. USA
National PGR Elections
Posted: 08/27/2018 

All - FYI

State Captains elect National PGR Board Members. A Board Member can serve a max of 2 - 2 year terms. The election process has concluded for the President and Treasure.. Rob "bees" Butler (current President) has completed his second term.

David “Bear” Nobles is your new President and will take office on 1 September. Cheryl Haines, former Dixie Region Captain, has been David’s Deputy and will step in as VP of Members for the remainder of the VPM term. Bear has many years of PGR service at several levels and will do an outstanding job. Darlene Villa has been re-elected as treasurer and will serve her second two year term.


Steve Conger
Texas State Captain
Patriot Guard Riders
Tyler, TX. USA

Snowball Express Event Moving To Walt Disney World® Resort In Florida!
Posted: 03/27/2018 

                             GARY SINISE FOUNDATION


— Announcement —

We’re moving our annual Snowball Express event to Walt Disney World® Resort!

As you know we are now an official program of the Gary Sinise Foundation. We continue to serve the children of our fallen military heroes, surviving spouses, and Gold Star families. An important aspect of this program is its annual four-day experience in December. We bring families together from all around the nation with the help of our presenting sponsor, American Airlines.

For the past nine years, the city of Dallas & entire Dallas Fort Worth MetroPlex have graciously welcomed thousands of Gold Star families to participate in fun activities and entertainment to keep spirits high and provide emotional healing. The 2,000+ past volunteers have proven to be the true heart behind the event and the city has stepped up in a way we could never have expected. We are incredibly grateful.

This year, our four-day experience will be relocated to Walt Disney World® Resort. We are so excited to bring the children of our fallen military heroes to the happiest place on earth. And we hope Florida will welcome us as the city of Dallas has in the past.

Because of our amazing volunteers we’ve been able to create a safe space for our families to bond with the only people who can truly understand their loss: one another. These children and surviving spouses form friendships that can last a lifetime. And this year, we’re taking our wonderful traditions and bringing them along to Disney with a few new friends and surprises!

This annual event serves as a reminder that our country will never forget our fallen heroes and the thousands of military families left behind.

“December has always been a hard month for us. Having something to look forward to that we know is so much fun.. it’s such a relief. It’s a break from the reality of our situation.”

-Seana Arrechaga (widow & mother)

The Gary Sinise Foundation team is determined to make this year’s annual event the best one yet. These children deserve a little magic in their lives. Please register as usual. If you are selected, someone will notify you before October 1, 2018. If you have served on a committee in the past your committee leader will follow up with you directly. Thanks for your patience during this transition and please know we are forever grateful for your past support.

2018 Texas Gathering Of The Guard (GOTG)
Posted: 02/27/2018 


East Texas is hosting the GOTG this year.  It will be held at Crockett Family Resort, which is outside of Crocket, Texas, on Houston County Lake.  The GOTG 2018 registration form and itinerary can be downloaded from the links below. T shirts are available and the planned tour routes will make many really happy they joined us.

PDF Document 170112 GOTG 2018 REG_SCHEDULE

We are in need of items for the auction. Please collect and bring auction items with you to the GOTG.  



Steve Conger
Texas State Captain
Patriot Guard Riders
Tyler, TX. USA

Message from State Captain Bobby Stroka
Posted: 10/01/2017 

Over the last several years I have had the Honor to serve the Patriot Guard Riders in several positions, with the focus always on honoring our Hero's and their families.

A plan has been in place for awhile now, and it's time to turn the reins of Texas State Captain over to Steve Conger. Please give a Texas size welcome to Steve and his new team as he assumes the leadership role effective Oct 1st.

I would like to thank all the members of the Patriot Guard for the tremendous job you do each and every day Honoring our Heroes.

I was moved with the support of our members during the devastating storms we had. Not only did you continue to stand for our fallen, but you also gave from your hearts, gathering donations and delivering them to the areas hardest hit. What a class act by the greatest organization. Thank You!!

So not to get too long winded, just one last thing to say: Thank you for being members!!!

Bobby "kawabob" Stroka
State Captain Texas Patriot Guard Riders
PGR State Leadership Change
Posted: 10/01/2017 

I want to thank Bobby for his leadership and guidance as I take over the rains of the Texas PGR. Bobby has decided it is time to step back into an RC role.

As you know, I have been serving as the Texas PGR Assistant State Captain. Before this, I had the privilege of serving as a RC, Assistant DSC, and DSC for the East Texas Region. I look forward to the chance to continue to grow and provide guidance to the Texas PGR.

II am happy to announce that Tim Kenslow has stepped up to accepted the position of Assistant State Captain. Tim was serving as a DSC for the South East Region. Please join me in congratulating Tim in his new position and provide him with the support you have given me. I have included contact information and a short bio for Tim.

Tim Kenslow
cell: 713-303-5437

Bio –
Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, March 28, 1948 and moved to Houston, Texas in 1957. Served in the United States Army from 1968 to 1971. Stationed in Germany where I was assigned to a Missile Unit. Returned to Houston and worked in Retail for 48 years before retiring.

Joined PGR in November, 2010, where I am honored to say I have had the privilege of moving up into numerous leadership positions including Ride Captain and Deputy State Captain for the South East Region.

Both my wife (Pam) and I come from long lines of Military families that served with Honor. She has been a PGR member since 2012.


Steve Conger
Texas State Captain
Patriot Guard Riders
Tyler, TX. USA
PGR State Leadership Changes
Posted: 02/25/2016 
Greetings fellow Patriot Guard Riders

We have a couple of announcements to make regarding positions at the state level.

Mike Eubank’s will be stepping down as ASC [Assistant State Captain]. He has decided to attend to personal circumstances and since family always comes first, we all stand behind him in his decision. Mike will still be a RC in the East Texas region and will continue to support the PGR in any capacity he can when the opportunity is right. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

Steve Conger is out of our East Texas region and has accepted the position of ASC. Please welcome him in his new position within the PGR.

Short Bio from Steve:
I was born in Brownsville and raised in Texas. Joined the US Army during the Vietnam era and was stationed at Fort Sill with the responsibility of training soldiers in field artillery. After my tour of duty, I attended the University of Texas at Arlington earning a degree in Finance.

I started my work career in the oil field. Married and raised 4 children. Retired from Exxon Mobil after 35 years of traveling and working all over the world including Australia, Bolivia, Thailand, Qatar, and Africa setting up shore bases and installing gas turbines.

We moved back to Tyler, into my family home, after retirement and I joined the East Texas Patriot Guard. As everyone does, I started as a rider enjoying riding to missions and honoring our veterans. My movement in the Patriot Guard was from a rider to a Ride Captain, Asst. DSC, and then DSC. I have learned the importance of our members and as a veteran, I understand the importance of honoring our vets and first responders.

Steve will assume his new position March 1 2016.

In addition, we also have a new DSC, Jim Short, and ADSC, Bill Parrish, in the East Texas Region. Please welcome them to their new positions within the PGR.

We are also going to be restarting the monthly newsletter to better keep the members up to date on changes within the state.

West Texas will be hosting the GTOG this year in Media at the High Point Ranch. This is a great opportunity to get out meet other PGR members and relax.

Bobby Stroka
Texas State Captain Patriot Guard Riders
Open Carry and The Texas Patriot Guard Riders
Posted: 12/10/2015
Greetings fellow Texas Patriot Guard Riders:

With the soon to be Open Carry Law, we have had several questions about how this will affect the Patriot Guard.

As we understand the law, you must be a licensed Concealed Handgun License (CHL) holder in order to legally carry a handgun in the open.

The Texas Patriot Guard is not in the position to question your rights as a licensed CHL holder. A CHL license holder knows where they are allowed to carry a weapon and where they are not allowed to carry based on the laws.

That being said, we all need to remember that the Patriot Guard are invited guests of the family of a fallen Hero at their most sacred time and we are there to pay Honor and Respect. That respect and common sense needs to prevail. Our missions/ flag lines are not the place to be displaying an open weapon.

The Texas Patriot Guard Riders policy will be that no open carry will be permitted on any mission.

The Ride Captain in charge of the mission does have the authority to ask anyone who is open carrying to remove the firearm and place it out of view, and/or ask the individual to leave the mission if they refuse. This policy is not in any way, shape, or form to infringe on the rights of a CHL holder, but to simply set a higher standard to which the Patriot Guard is known for and presents to our Hero’s families at each and every mission.

Thank you all for supporting the Patriot Guard Riders and Honoring our Hero’s

Any questions can be directed to me at

Bobby Stroka
Texas State Captain
Patriot Guard Riders
Urgent Communication From The Texas State Captain
Posted: 06/04/2015

                                         Code of Conduct for PGR Members

As a PGR Member:

I will adhere to the Patriot Guard Riders (PGR) mission and vision statements, and incorporate the principles contained therein into all my actions as a PGR member.

I will treat other PGR members with the same dignity and respect I would expect for myself.

I will remember that my PGR membership role is a position of responsibility to those we serve.

I will do everything in my power to demonstrate to Gold and Blue Star families, and families of veterans and home-front first-responders that the PGR honors them for the service and sacrifice of their loved ones. This is extended to activities honoring living individuals and units of these organizations. I will remember that our mission to honor these families and their wishes is my main priority as a PGR member.

I recognize that my interactions with law-enforcement, government officials and the military reflect on the entire Patriot Guard Riders organization and can have far-reaching implications for those relationships in other areas. I will act accordingly, respecting the protocols and regulations of those agencies.

In any interaction with the media and general public, I will avoid actions or communications which would negatively impact the reputation of good will toward the PGR. This includes actions which could present the appearance of political activism on behalf of PGR. The PGR is a non-political organization. I agree to maintain a strict non-political stance when representing the PGR in any capacity.

Harassment Policy:
Patriot Guard Riders affirms support of and adherence to the policies of the Government of United States, to provide equal opportunity in all programs, and activities for all members, regardless of their race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, parental status, and genetic information.

The PGR strongly believes in an inclusive, volunteer environment that utilizes and values the unique qualities of our diverse membership. Capitalizing on the full potential of our diverse human capital and respecting the uniqueness and differences in cultures and values is fundamental to our success.

The PGR is committed to preventing and correcting harassment in ALL forms of
communications with our Members, soldiers and their families we serve, and any entity with whom our organization must work.

Harassment is defined as unwelcome conduct that interferes with any official PGR position, work, or performance or creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment. Examples of behaviors that may be forms of harassment include, but are not limited to, unwelcome physical contact, stalking, obscene gestures or sounds, slurs, and posting of written or graphic material that denigrates or shows hostility toward an individual or group. Key factors of harassment under federal law are the severity and frequency of the misconduct. An isolated incident may not rise to the level of illegal harassment.

Harassment by anyone in the PGR is prohibited. All members are encouraged to report incidents of alleged harassment immediately. Swift, thorough and impartial investigation of harassment allegations will be conducted and appropriate action will be taken.

The PGR Board of Directors wishes to strongly emphasize that it is the responsibility of each and every member of the PGR to always promote and engage in practices free of discrimination and harassment, and to ensure that the doors of justice, equality, opportunity, and inclusion are open to all.

This Code of Conduct is applicable to activities or communications occurring on the PGR web site, forums and in mission staging areas, during PGR missions, events, or gatherings under the PGR name as well as member to member communication and/or contact when it is apparent that said contact was initiated because of PGR activities.

Enforcement: Failure to comply with the above Code of Conduct and/or the Harassment Policy may be grounds for removal as a member.


If anyone has any questions they can contact me directly via email ( or phone 281-728-4172

Bobby "kawabob" Stroka
State Captain
Texas Patriot Guard Riders

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