N o r t h   T e x a s   P G R
F I N A L    I T I N E R A R Y

Patriot's Names:

Col James Dennany Major Robert Leon Tucci
   Col James Eugene Dennany           Major Robert Leon Tucci

Military Branch:

United States Air Force


Killed In Action

Additional Military Info:

Vietnam MIA/KIA

Ride Captain:

Mike "Gunner" Lambert; (817) 368-9076; mikelambert2@aol.com

Ride Captain #2:

Floyd "1st Shirt" Kammerer; (817) 690-6475; fabfloyd@charter.net

Ride Captain #3:

Bill "Rotorhead" Holcomb; (972) 672-2701; aapylt@aol.com

Ride Captain #4:

Larry "Rev. DT" Key ; (940) 536-7596; lkey50@yahoo.com


We will be honoring two aviators from the Vietnam War who were assigned to the 13th Tactical Fighter Squadron at Udorn Airfield, Thailand. They lost their lives on a strike mission in November 1969. These two heroes were listed as "Missing in Action" after their F-4D Phantom was shot down while on a escort/strike mission. The escort was a C-130 Gunship and the strike mission was a truck convoy on the Ho Chi Minh Trail. While attacking the convoy under the observation of a Forward Air Controller, their F-4 was hit by antiaircraft fire, crashed, and exploded.

There was no evidence that the crew escaped the aircraft before ground impact and the crash itself was not survivable. In the absence of proof of death both men were classed as “Missing in Action”.

They have now been found and are now being returned home to Texas and their families.

Robert Tucci and James Dennany were among nearly 600 Americans who disappeared in Laos and were never negotiated for through the Paris Peace Accords, which ended the War in Vietnam, since Laos was not a party to that agreement.


Colonel James Eugene Dennany, Weapons Systems Officer, is survived by four daughters; Elizabeth Marchan, Melissa Harrington, Marie Lara, Pamela Tabares and a son; James Dennany.

Major Robert Leon Tucci, Pilot, is survived by his wife; Sharon Tucci and his mother, Jean Tucci.


Airport Arrival Escort, American Airlines, Flight 8, 0525

Mission Date:


Staging Time:

04:35 AM

Briefing Time:

04:45 AM

In Position Time Or KSU:

05:30 AM

Details Of Part 1:

We will stage in the parking area near DPS Station One at DFW Airport. You should arrive fueled and ready to go. The service station at the south end of the airport is closed. Only those riders who can ride in a tight formation, in the dark, in the Dallas morning traffic should attempt this portion of the mission. All escort riders will be required to attend a rider safety brief prior to departing the airport.

Reflective vests are highly recommended.

If you unable to ride in a tight formation or have never ridden in formation for an extended period of time in traffic, this would not be the time to learn.

A flag line will be needed at the Funeral Home in Mesquite for the morning arrival. The flag line should be in place no later than 0630.

Staging Address For Part 1:

Department of Public Safety, Station One
2900 East 28th Street
DFW Airport, Texas

Water Truck For Part 1:

- The Flag/Water Truck WILL NOT Be There.


Visitation and Flag line

Mission Date:


Staging Time:

05:00 PM

Briefing Time:

05:15 PM

In Position Time Or KSU:

05:30 PM

Details Of Part 2:

A flag line will stand Tall and Silent to honor these two heroes of the Vietnam War, their families, and their community.

Staging Address For Part 2

Laurel Oaks Funeral Home
23649 12649 Lake June Road
Mesquite, Texas 75180

Map To Staging Area For Part 2:


Water Truck For Part 2:

- The Flag/Water Truck WILL Be There.


Funeral Service Flag Line - DFW National Cemetery

Mission Date For Part 3:


Staging Time:

09:00 AM

Briefing Time:

09:30 AM

In Position Time Or KSU:

10:00 AM

Details Of Part 3:

The Patriot Guard Riders, along with members from local American Legion and VFW Posts, will stand a flag line in the designated area near the Star. ADSC Floyd Kammerer and Sr. Ride Captain Larry key will handle the briefing and set up of the flag line in the designated area. Flags will be in position for escort riders when they arrive. Salutes will be "Ceremonial salute" (3 seconds up, hold and 3 seconds down) All ride Captains will be called upon for this mission.

This is a true privilege and we thank the families for allowing us to have an opportunity to demonstrate the respect we hold for these honored men.

Staging Address For Part 3:

Dallas Fort Worth National Cemetery
2700 Mountain Creek Pkwy
Dallas, Texas

Map To Staging Area For Part 3:


Water Truck For Part 3:

- The Flag/Water Truck WILL Be There.


Escort from Mesquite to DFW

Mission Date For Part 4:


Staging Time:

08:45 AM

Briefing Time:

09:00 AM

In Position Time Or KSU:

09:45 AM

Details Of Part 4:

All riders will assemble for a rider safety briefing and we will position bikes for the escort (big flag bikes in the front). We will ride in a tight formation as part of the escort from the Funeral Home in Mesquite to DFW National Cemetery. If you have never ridden in a tight formation, this will not be the time to learn.

We will escort the family and close friends from Mesquite to DFW National Cemetery. Upon arrival at the cemetery, riders will follow the on-site Ride Captains to the designated parking area. Once the riders dismount, all riders will join the flag line for honors.

Staging Address For Part 4:

Laurel Oaks Funeral Home
23649 12649 Lake June Road
Mesquite, Texas

Map To Staging Area For Part 4:


Water Truck For Part 4:

- The Flag/Water Truck WILL NOT Be There.

Weather Forecast:

Local weather for January 13 & 14 was unavailable at posting time. Check local forecast prior to the mission.


- Iron horses if you can, cages are always welcome and appreciated.

- Safety First: Please remember to properly hydrate (including the night before) before any outdoor activity and to dress appropriately. Do not hesitate to take a break at any time if you feel you need to get in the shade or get indoors and always ask for help at any time. Also please do not forget your sun screen.

Please remember our mission is to stand the flag line in silence, with dignity and honor.

Respectfully Submitted By:

Mike Lambert

Deputy State Captain

Submitted By:


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