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Mission Name:

Medal of Honor Host City Program Motorcade


Community Event

Ride Captain #1:

Mike "Hawkeye" Upchurch; (972) 974-0030; hawkeye@ntxpgr.org

Ride Captain #2:

Ken "Chigger" DuBois; (817) 879-9420; Kdubois@dot11net.net

Ride Captain #3:

Carlton "Cruiser" Emmons; (817) 205-3339; cruiser54@charter.net

Ride Captain #4:

"BikerBruce" Lowe; (214) 478-6966; BikerBruce@att.net

Mission Summary:

The PGR is proud to participate in this years Annual Medal of Honor Host City Program Motorcade from Irving, Texas, to Gainesville, Texas, in honor of several attending recipients of our nationís highest award for valor in the face of enemy forces, the Medal of Honor.


Participate in the Medal of Honor Host City Program Motorcade from Irving (near DFW Airport) to the Outlet Mall in Gainesville, Texas, on April 11, 2012

Mission Date:

Apr 11, 2012

Staging Time:


Briefing Time:


In Position Time Or KSU:


Details Of Part 1:

The staging area is different than in previous years. The street address is 2870 East 14th Street, Irving, TX, 75063. This is a parking lot near the intersection of Highway 114 and Freeport Parkway, just East of DFW International Airport.

From Highway 114, exit Freeport Parkway and go North 1 block to the Royal Lane traffic light. Turn left on Royal Lane and go one block to 14th Street. Turn left on 14th Street and enter the large parking lot on the left in the middle of the block.

There is a Shell Station/Whataburger at the Freeport Parkway exit of Highway 114. Please make sure you have a full tank of gas when you arrive at the staging area. Itís about 67 miles to Gainesville.

Randy Roberts and Bill Holcomb will be the Road Captains on behalf of the Medal of Honor Host City Program, and will be directing all participants on where to stage once they arrive at the parking lot.  Randy and Bill will provide the overall briefing for everyone in the motorcade. PGR Ride Captains will stage our riders within our designated spot in the motorcade with big flag bikes in front followed by small flag / no flag bikes.

Following a safety briefing, we will participate in the Annual Medal of Honor Host City Program Motorcade from the staging area in Irving, Texas, to the Outlet Mall in Gainesville, Texas.

The motorcade will be escorted by Law Enforcement Personnel from start to finish. The route the motorcade will be traveling will be closed to all other traffic. The motorcade will take Highway 114 West to I-35W, then North on I-35W to Gainesville . Once the motorcade starts, there will be no stops until arriving at the Outlet Mall in Gainesville. For safety reasons, there will be no joining the motorcade en route and no leaving the motorcade except in case of emergency or breakdown.

Please refer to the Medal of Honor Host City Program Motorcade Flyer for additional information.

Staging Address For Part 1:

Parking Lot 2870 East 14th Street
Irving, Texas 75063

Map To Staging Area For Part 1:

Map To Staging Area

Water Truck For Part 1:

- The Flag/Water Truck WILL NOT Be There.

Weather Forecast:
(See WEB Calendar For The Latest Forecasts)

Check The Online Itinerary For Current Weather With Radar And Updates Before Heading Out.


- Safety First: Please remember to properly hydrate (including the night before) before any outdoor activity and to dress appropriately. Do not hesitate to take a break at any time if you feel you need to get in the shade or get indoors and always ask for help at any time. Also please do not forget your sun screen.

Again, please remember to have a full tank of gas when you arrive at the staging area, and as previously stated, no riders will be allowed to join the motorcade once it begins.

Respectfully Submitted By:

Mike "Hawkeye" Upchurch

Ride Captain

This weather information below is for the staging point of the mission.  More information is available if you click on the forecast section.  It is current as of the time you click the mission link on the calendar.

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