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Patriot's Name:

CPO Christopher Scott "Chris" Kyle

Military Branch:

United States Navy



Additional Military Info:

United States Navy SEAL

Link To Obituary:

Mission Ride Captain:

Larry Key,, (940) 268-8242

Ride Captain #2:

Rick Crabb,, (910) 330-9861

Ride Captain #3:

Dewey Dyer,, (214) 316-8730

Ride Captain #4:

Dan Mathys,, (817) 300-5542

Mission Summary:

The family has invited the Patriot Guard to come and honor a true hero. We will participate in his memorial service and in the procession and interment.


Funeral Service, Cowboy Stadium in Arlington at 1300 Hours

Mission Date:

Feb 11, 2013

Staging Time:


Briefing Time:


In Position Time Or KSU:


Details Of Part 1:

We have been invited to stand a flag line for Chris's service. They will open the doors at 1130 hours for the funeral service that begins at 1300. We will have a group of riders that will stand with a flag at the entrance of the stadium. We will rotate riders so that riders won't struggle with standing too long.

Just before the service begins, we will make our way to the underground tunnel at the northeast corner of the stadium. We will re-stage there and, when directed, we will move out onto the field and stand around the wall with flags to honor Chris and the family, while the service is completed. When it is over and the family has departed, we will return the flags to the trucks and, following a de-briefing, all riders will be dismissed until Tuesday morning for part 2.

Staging will be in Lot J, on the west side of the Ball Park in Arlington. Be prepared to move to another location if directed.

There will not be a water truck available. Bring enough water for yourself.

Plans may change, so be flexible as you come to honor this true American hero.

Security will Be VERY high; do not bring weapons of ANY kind to the stadium, the procession, or the interment.

Name Of Staging Point:

Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas

Staging Address For Part 1:

925 N. Collins St.
Arlington, Texas 76011

Map To Staging Area For Part 1:


Procession and Interment:  Midlothian, at 0800 hours and Austin, Texas, on Tuesday

Mission Date:

Feb 12, 2013

Staging Time:


Briefing Time:


In Position Time Or KSU:


Details Of Part 2:

We will stage at the football stadium in Midlothian to prepare for the procession to Austin for the interment at the Texas State Cemetery.

A very important riders briefing will be held at 0700 hours. Do Not be late for this briefing.

We will make a fuel stop in Waco at about the half way mark. This will be a very quick stop. Centex Patriot Guard Riders will assist us in fueling the bikes so we can continue on to the cemetery.

Due to the magnitude of the number of riders expected on Tuesday morning, the DPS (State Troopers) has told us that we will not be stopping in Waco for a fuel stop as originally planned. If your bike cannot go 225 Miles on a tank of fuel, you are asked to go directly to Waco to the Flying J truck stop and fuel up and stage. As the procession comes by the truck stop, the State troopers will assist all the bikers staged in Waco to join the procession. Staging in Waco will be completed no later than 0915.

If you run out of gas or have to leave the procession for any reason, you WILL NOT BE ABLE TO REJOIN, This is by direction of the DPS Highway Patrol. You may continue on your own to the funeral service, but not in the procession. Big Flags are also an option but remember that we will be traveling at highway speeds.

2409 S. New Rd. Waco, TX. 76711

The Austin Patriot Guard riders will set up the flags at the Texas State Cemetery and will arrange for the parking of all bikes as we arrive.

When we dismount, we will go to the cemetery site and stand a flag line as Chris is laid to rest.

Following the service, we will furl the flags and be dismissed.

We will have LEO the entire way to Austin.

Please Bring Your Own Water - The Water Truck Will Not Be There.

Remember That Security Will Be High - Do Not Bring Anything That Can Be Determined To Be A Weapon.

Name Of Staging Point

Midlothian High School Football Stadium

Staging Address For Part 2

1800 South 14th Street
Midlothian, Texas 76065

Map To Staging Area For Part 2:

Water Truck For Part 2:

- The Flag/Water Truck WILL NOT Be There.

Weather Forecast:
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Check The Online Itinerary For Current Weather, Radar, And Mission Updates Before Heading Out.


- Iron horses if you can, cages are always welcome and appreciated.

- Safety First: Please remember to properly hydrate (including the night before) before any outdoor activity and to dress appropriately. Do not hesitate to take a break at any time if you feel you need to get in the shade or get indoors and always ask for help at any time. Also please do not forget your sun screen.

- Please remember that our mission is to stand tall and silent, and with honor and respect for this patriot and their family. NO TALKING, SMOKING, CHEWING OF TOBACCO PRODUCTS, OR CELL PHONE USE IN THE FLAG LINE!

There will be changes as we go, so be flexible as we take this very special time to honor a true American Hero.

Respectfully Submitted By:

Larry "Rev DT" Key

Deputy State Captain

Submitted By:

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