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Patriot's Name:

  LTC Flavil Johnson

Military Branch:

United States Army


Retired From Military

Additional Military Info:

Two tours Vietnam, Army Pilot

Link To Obituary:!/Obituary

Obituary Highlights:

Flavil Leon Johnson, a retired Army lieutenant colonel, was carried on the wings of angels to heaven Sunday, Nov. 17, 2013. While at TCU, he was the first Army ROTC cadet colonel. His career as an Army pilot took him to Vietnam for two tours, along with various assignments around the world. After retirement, Flavil traveled to Iran with Bell Helicopter International as a training school director

Mission Ride Captain:

Ted "Coal Miner" Waldron,, (817) 689-3321

Ride Captain #2:

Rick Crabb,, (910) 330-9861

Mission Summary:

Flag line at funeral service followed by a procession to DFW National Cemetery for Interment Service on November 20, 2013. Funeral service 11:30, Interment 13:15 at Shelter B.

Photo Permission

We Have Not Asked For Permission At This Time.


Funeral Service and Procession

Mission Date:

Nov 20, 2013 - Wednesday

Staging Time:


Briefing Time:


In Position Time Or KSU:


Details Of Part 1:

The Johnson family has requested the presence of the Patriot Guard on Wednesday, November 20, 2013. We will stage at Blessing Funeral Home in Mansfield and then stand tall and silent as the family and friends arrive. After the service starts, we will furl the flags and have a safety briefing in preparation for a procession to DFW National Cemetery. Those riders who cannot attend the first part of the mission can stage at DFW National Cemetery at 1230.

Name Of Staging Point:

Blessing Funeral Home

Staging Address For Part 1:

401 Elm St.
Mansfield, Texas 76063

Map To Staging Area For Part 1:

Water Support Vehicle For Part 1:

- The Flag/Water Vehicle WILL Be There.

Support Person For Part 1:

Randy Smith,, (469) 585-8196


Interment Service

Mission Date:

Nov 20, 2013 - Wednesday

Staging Time:


Briefing Time:


In Position Time Or KSU:


Details Of Part 2:

Riders will stage at the DFW National Cemetery Visitorís Center for an Interment Service. Following the mission briefing, the riders will proceed to Shelter B and set flags awaiting the arrival of LTC Johnson, family, and friends. After the service, flags will be furled, mission debriefed, and riders dismissed.

Name Of Staging Point

DFW National Cemetery Visitors Center

Staging Address For Part 2

2000 Mountain Creek Parkway
Dallas, Texas 75011

Pre-Formatted Maps Staging Areas

- Map To Staging Area At DFW National Cemetery.

Water Support Vehicle For Part 2:

- The Flag/Water Vehicle WILL NOT Be There.

Weather Forecast:
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- Iron horses if you can, cages are always welcome and appreciated.

- Please remember that our mission is to stand tall and silent, and with honor and respect for this patriot and their family. NO TALKING, SMOKING, CHEWING OF TOBACCO PRODUCTS, OR CELL PHONE USE IN THE FLAG LINE!

- We will park along the main street close to the designated shelter with 2 bikes side by side as close to the curb and each other as possible so that traffic can get by.

- Riders NOT UTILIZING HANDICAPPED PARKING are requested to park as far forward as possible at the Visitor's Center to keep the closest spaces available for other guests.

- Let's always remember to keep the motorcycle and voice noise to a minimum when arriving and leaving the shelters.

- Cemeteries are hallowed ground. Please keep radios off and engine noise to a minimum. Observe the 15 MPH speed limit. Show our respect to ALL who are there, not just the one we are honoring.

Respectfully Submitted By:

Ted "Coal Miner" Waldron

Ride Captain In Training

Submitted By:

Listing On National PGR WEB Site:

(To Be Filled In After Submission To National)
Condolences May Be Offered There.

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