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Texas PGR Challenge Coin
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Updated Announcement From Our State Leadership
Updated 05/22/2015
Message from Texas State Captain

As we all know about the problem in Waco this last weekend we have been flooded with all kinds of information / miss-information.

One of the most troubling one has been a message that an order came down from the FBI to all agencies to stop, search, and arrest anyone wearing a patch and riding a motorcycle if you have a weapon in your possession, regardless if you have a CHL or not. This has been looked into at length. It seems to have been sent out by the Confederation of Clubs and not any law enforcement agency - no agency has been directed to do so at any level.

Do NOT read between the lines here. As stated, this was looked into at length and found nothing credible to back it up. Plain and simple, I do not think it's going to happen, but if one of our members has a problem, I want to know about it and I will be supporting our members all the way.

Right now as you all know "bikers" are in the spot light weather we want it or not. NOW is the time for us to shine and show the world what the PGR stands for - Honor and Respect.

Please watch social media - as great as it can be, it can bite you twice as hard.

I personally feel that we have been set back 10 years due to the actions of a few and it's going to take a lot of work on our part to keep the focus positive. I know YOU as leaders can make this happen.

Thank you for your dedication and hard work...we are strong; we are one.

Bobby "kawabob" Stroka
State Captain
Texas Patriot Guard Riders

Mike "big mike" Eubank
Asst State Captain
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